[POJ1038]Bugs Integrated, Inc.

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Input file exameight.in Output file exameight.out


Bugs Integrated, Inc. is a major manufacturer of advanced memory chips. They are launching production of a new six terabyte Q-RAM chip. Each chip consists of six unit squares arranged in a form of a 2*3 rectangle. The way Q-RAM chips are made is such that one takes a rectangular plate of silicon divided into N*M unit squares. Then all squares are tested carefully and the bad ones are marked with a black marker.

Finally, the plate of silicon is cut into memory chips. Each chip consists of 2*3 (or 3*2) unit squares. Of course, no chip can contain any bad (marked) squares. It might not be possible to cut the plate so that every good unit square is a part of some memory chip. The corporation wants to waste as little good squares as possible. Therefore they would like to know how to cut the plate to make the maximum number of chips possible.

You are given the dimensions of several silicon plates and a list of all bad unit squares for each plate. Your task is to write a program that computes for each plate the maximum number of chips that can be cut out of the plate.


给出n*m(n≤150,m≤10)的棋盘,要在上面放置2*3 的骨牌,有一些方格无法放置,求最多能放置多少个。










6 6 5
1 4
4 6
2 2
3 6
6 4
6 5 4
3 3
6 1
6 2
6 4




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